A Closer Look at Cabinet Specialties

Though many cabinet shops promote “quality construction” and “timeless designs,” few can truly stand behind them from start to finish.  We do, and we invite you to take a closer look:


Whether by our experienced technicians or your trusted contractor, we’ll first take careful measurements from the site or conduct a detailed assessment of your blueprints to ensure that your cabinetry is built to exact specifications.  And we understand that older home renovations can be unusually challenging. That’s where our 170+ years of combined experience throughout our shop enables us to navigate even the toughest of building projects!


Whether you are working directly with our design team or you plan to supply us with detailed plans for your cabinet project, your cabinetry is the focal point of the room and an extension of your personality.  We invite you to view our online gallery and visit our showroom, both featuring many styles and designs that may give you some great ideas from which to build.  And you are far from limited to what you may see.

We strongly believe that customization is key to designing a beautiful and functional experience for each and every room.  At Cabinet Specialties, anything less than designing “outside the box” is unacceptable!


Here’s where your design comes to life, being transformed from simple renderings to three dimensional works of art.  We first select the finest furniture-grade wood products and components.  Pieces are cut, shaped, and pre-sanded as needed.  We then bench-make and assemble each cabinet one by one, making sure all pieces join seamlessly together.  Plus, our drawer boxes are dovetailed for added durability.  We then carefully fit the doors, drawer fronts, and moldings to ensure the cabinet meets Cabinet Specialties’ quality standards.


Prior to final assembly, we again sand the cabinet and its components in preparation of the base coat.  Depending on your chosen finish, we then initiate a multi-step process that applies a traditional stain or a painted favorite.  Likewise, our experienced finish team has mastered the art of distressed, glazed, and/or rub-thru finishes that can take your cabinetry to an even higher level!

Final Assembly

Once your custom cabinets have been finished, doors, remaining drawer-fronts, and hardware are assembled.  This final stage ensures that each piece of your fine cabinetry receives attention to every detail!  In fact, some assembly will not be completed until your cabinetry arrives at your home for final installation.

Quality Inspection

Of course, we inspect every component of your cabinetry throughout the building, finishing, and final assembly processes.  In fact, many of your cabinetry’s pieces may be inspected multiple times to ensure that the final product meets our high quality standards.  Any blemish on your cabinetry is also a blemish on our reputation.


As with the preconstruction phase of your building project, your fine cabinetry will be installed by our experienced technicians or your trusted contractor.  Your cabinetry will be carefully cartoned or blanket-wrapped at our shop and delivered (or shipped) to your home with care, ensuring all pieces arrive in pristine condition. Your cabinetry is then professionally installed to your exact specifications.  That’s our commitment to you!


We stand behind every piece of cabinetry that bears our name.  While we take great care throughout the construction process, we will gladly work with you to remedy construction flaws or imperfections that you may find.   However, we cannot take responsibility for damage done to your cabinetry after it has been installed.